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Galactic Radio : A Wacky Onomatopoeia Book (Includes Game)


  1. The book you are about to read is fictional; however, some of the story elements are based on real scientific possibilities. Learn more by doing the **Galactic Guessing Game at the end of the book. 
  2.  This book contains WAcKy beats and FUNNY alien dancing. Reading the beats with CRAZY enthusiasm, and doing the dances may cause intense giggling, laughing, and snorting...PREPARE NOW!                                             
  3. **In addition to the picture book story, the ebook and print versions also include the Galactic Guessing Game and vocabulary list!**

ABout the Creator...

Flitzy (@FlitzyBooks_com) is a military spouse and PROUD mother of two who loves to create read more....


" for the story, it was cute and fun. The sound effects are all based on the various things that are happening on each planet as the spaceship flys by...This book is 'dedicated to the reader... that you may enjoy the beats of your home planet.' A nice message wrapped in a silly book."-Amy Lock, creator of Theo's Bookshelf, 3.5  stars out of 5. Jan 2016

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