Encourages outdoor play; a great book to help introduce the spring season (i.e., woodchucks, butterfly, purple lilac, Garter snake, etc.); enhances musical awareness; contains sheet music for singing parts of the book

ages: 3-6 years


Fly through the sky with Flitzy the butterfly as she welcomes back the plants and animals of spring! 

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Helps foster positive family & peer relationships; brings awareness to community needs; includes hot chocolate recipe; introduction to the winter holiday

ages: 4-7 years


It's creamy. It's smooth. It's chocolate. Everything about this classic winter drink is SO right--except for one little thing...its name. Join funny boy Marvin Peters as he explains to his classmates before winter break why he thinks it's time for the WARM CHOCOLATE revolution....are you ready?

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Welcome Back Spring!

Encourages outdoor play; positive sibling play; a wonderful way to introduce the fall season; helps with fall leaf identification

ages: 3-7 years


Fall has arrived and Ginger is so excited because that means it's time to go out and play in the autumn snowflakes! Join Ginger as she takes her little brother Tommy on a leafy adventure, where she shows him how to run, jump, and hide all day in the colorful autumn snow!