Drawing peeps.

August 12th 2017

Drawing people is by far one of the most challenging things I've encountered as a newbie picture book illustrator.  In fact, I was so intimated by it when I first started making books that I decided to make my first book, Maggie's Epic Pancake, mainly out of real photos! Although that seemed to work out for that book, I couldn't continue to take pictures of everything, especially if I were going to draw crazy fun things like aliens or a singing butterfly! So over the past three years, I've been trying to learn what I could on what makes good, engaging characters in picture books. Although I'm definitely no pro yet, the constant practice and learning is starting to pay off as my newest character seems to have more emotion, color, and personality.  Here's a sneak peek of the main character in my upcoming fall book release, Halloween Candy Crunch! Hopefully, you'll find her cute, fun, and playful!

Welcome Back Spring!

February 22nd 2017

Spring is approaching fast, and what better way to greet it then with my newest kid's book, Welcome Back Spring! Sing-Along with my friend Flitzy the butterfly as she welcomes back the springtime plants and animals! The book includes sheet music, the real picture search and find game, and a review page of all of the plants and animals in the book!  



Halloween Candy Crunch!

October 10th, 2017

Halloween is almost here, but did you know that real monsters have never had candy? Join sweet trick-or-treater, Lorraine in Halloween Candy Crunch, as she meets a gang of ghouls looking to try candy for the first time! Will Lorraine share or run for the hills? Listen to the full story below to find out!

Happy Halloween!!!

 Summertime bounce!

June 16th 2017

 Are you looking for a fun picture book this summer? If so, then bounce, twirl, and spin across the pages with my newest rhyming picture book, "Summertime Bounce!" Watch the video book now below!

Welcome Back Spring Video Book!

March 1st 2017

 Enjoy flying through the sky, and sing-along with my new friend,  Flitzy the  Butterfly!!   Listen to the full story now by clicking the video below!

Welcome Back Spring




December 15th , 2016

As we enter the last week of fall, I want to say THANK YOU to all those who watched and shared the Autumn Snow Video book! To my surprise, the video book got over 55,000 views in roughly three months making it the MOST successfully video book I've ever made! The picture below shows Mrs. Gleiser's kindergarten's class of Leeds Elementary in Sioux City, Iowa enjoying the Autumn Snow video book!  If you haven't had a chance to watch the video book, you can see it now by clicking here!  HAPPY FALL EVERYONE!


January, 22nd  2017

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! I hope it's been great! Whether you've visited Flitzy Books before or are a newbie, please be sure to check out the FREE video books offered on this site! You can access the video books by visiting my youtube channel! If you are a teacher or librarian, I would also like to offer you the FREE Flitzy book lesson plansEach lesson includes fun activity ideas you can do with each Flitzy Book. So again, thanks for visiting me here on the web! If for some reason your new year's had a rough start, then let me help make it just a little better with a cup a WARM CHOCOLATE!!  

Just click the video below, sit back, and ENJOY!

Getting Down With Galactic Radio!

April 30th 2017

 One of the most exciting things as an independent author/illustrator is seeing your work being enjoyed by others. This past December, I was thrilled to find out that my onomatopoeia book,  Galactic Radio was chosen as a story time read aloud at a rural elementary school. The school librarian had a local DJ come in and read/act out the dancing and "singing" parts of the book.  The students really seemed to have enjoyed the story (see pictures below), and even had little aliens to play along with it! Click here to watch the video book version of Galactic Radio now!

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